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The Best Interior Design Trends for 2019

Out with the old and in with the new. This year is another chance to play beautifully with your environment, giving you the kind of comfort you desire.

A few interior designing trends have been dropped with 2018 and are soon to be forgotten with the past year, and new trends are being, created and included into the world of interior designing, as 2019 begins to take its beautiful shape.

Here are few you should start getting familiar with.

Reduce the clutter:

Too much decorating objects in a certain place might become discomforting. So this year, the clutter is being gotten rid of, more space is being created. Less, in this case, is more.

Gender neutral designs:

You know how bright is for girls and dull and drab is for boys? Yeah, that was dropped in 2018. This year, interior designing is going neutral. Mixing dull colored types of furniture with a dash of bright colors, leather with a few floral designs. This year, neutral works better.

Definitely wood:

Wood has always been a part of interior designing, well new wood designs started gaining entrance again last year, and this year, the idea has fully been bought. So more wooden designs, more wooden floorboards. Just definitely more wood.

Get artsy:

\modern chandelier interior design trends 2019

Embrace fully, the beauty and grace of art this year. Get paintings, handmade wood designs. Make your home a mini gallery this year.

Something sustainable:

If unable to invest in art designs, try sustainable designs. Using recycled materials to make art designs, or having a live plant will give you a feel of nature, and it's less expensive too.

Let there be bold backsplashes:

modern chandeliers interior design trends 2019

Yes monochromatic was a thing, yes it was nice, and yes it has overstayed its welcome. This year would be seeing more bold looking kitchens.

Floral Floral:

modern chandelier interior design trends 2019

Interior designing this year will be seeing a whole lot of floral touches to walls and furniture. Bold floral designs will definitely become popular.

So while thinking of changing the look of your house, these are the trends to look out for, 2019 sure came bearing gifts.

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  • I am In love with the suggestions made above, very creative, eye catchers, and super detailed in suggestions! Love love love!

    Ute Burklow

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